Arcolis® membrane colours

Arcolis® membrane colours

Arcolis® acoustic panels are available in 50 colours, from the brightest to the softest. Our colour designer has created a palette of shades that can adapt to all decoration schemes.

We have brought together classic and timelessly fashionable colours, and also trendier hues including very fine shades of grey, powder, taupe, and other moss and ochre shades.

Offering a wide range of colour trends, Arcolis® acoustic panels correct the acoustics of any room, at the same time livening it up with delicate colours and shapes.

50 standard colours and more than 1 million on request


C 01 Blanc

C 02 Perle

C 03 Volute

C 04 Brume

C 05 Sable

C 06 Cendres

C 07 Nuit

C 08 Pétrole

C 09 Charbon

C 10 Noir

C 11 Cristal

C 12 Vert d'Eau

C 13 Lac

C 14 River

C 15 Lagon

C 16 Ombre

C 17 Jean's

C 18 Guimauve

C 19 Violette

C 20 Iris

C 21 Pousse

C 22 Anis

C 23 Mousse

C 24 Pomme

C 25 Sapin

C 26 Lichen

C 27 Ronce

C 28 Fumée

C 29 Ecorce

C 30 Sienne

C 31 Citron

C 32 Moutard

C 33 Orange

C 34 Sellier

C 35 Rouge

C 36 Carmin

C 37 Pourpre

C 38 Terre

C 39 Racine

C 40 Beige

C 41 Coquille

C 42 Poudre

C 43 Rose

C 44 Ocre

C 45 Parme

C 46 Lila

C 47 Mauve

C 48 Cardinal

C 49 Fushia

C 50 Malabar

Colours not contractual - please ask for the Arcolis® colour chart

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