Presentation of Arcolis® acoustic panels and baffles

World leader in the feld of stretch ceilings and winner of the Décibel d’Or in 2014 for its solution “Acoustic light®”, Barrisol® is proud to present its range of Arcolis® acoustic panels.

Suitable for all requirements and locations, the wide range of Arcolis® panels is ideal for all spaces that require acoustic correction.

The panel is made of an aluminium structure and covered with polymer textile, PVC, mirror, glass textile (GTS®) or transparent flm (Microsorber®) and can includes high-performance insulating material that increases the absortion of unwanted sounds.

Designed to be suspended, hung up, free-standing, or wall mounted, horizontally and vertically, each panel adapts to specific requirements and decors.

Its shape and size are only limited by your imagination.


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