Arcolis Print Your Mind®

Arcolis® Print Your Mind®

Barrisol® membranes are great technical elements of interior decoration and acoustic optimization.

Multiply the possibilities of decoration according to your imagination and your desires, thanks to Barrisol® printing technology in very high definition: 1080 dpi. The maximum print width is 4m95 without welding (depending on the material). Our printed membranes are CE certified (7 picoliters per m2 without solvent) and are 100% recyclable.

You can use more than six million images, thanks to our unique or exclusive partnership with:

  • the National museums Network,
  • the Museum of Printed Textiles,
  • the Wallpaper Museum,
  • the Hansi Museum,
  • the Chantal Thomass’ collection,
  • the Keishu Kawai’s calligraphy and art,
  • the Art in your heart collection.

To discover:

Thus printed, the acoustic panels and baffles become works of art or decorative paintings.

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