Arcolis® Microsorber®

Arcolis® Microsorber®

Light and discreet, Arcolis® Microsorber® partitions offer you effective separations in your work spaces without affecting the brightness of your offices. 

Microsorber® films are light and flexible, transparent, translucent or sandblasted and printable. They improve the acoustic comfort of your spaces.

Frames on legs

With a thickness of 70 mm or 42 mm, the partitions on legs, allow you to arrange and modify your work spaces according to your needs. These partitions provide protection and acoustic comfort without affecting the brightness of your offices.

Frames on casters

A thickness of 70 mm or 42 mm, the partitions on wheels, also allow you to arrange your work spaces or confinement by optimizing the acoustic comfort if necessary. They are very easily moved by sliding them.

Microsorber® film - 3 possible combinations

  1. Non-acoustic double layer
  2. Double acoustic layer
  3. Duo: 1 acoustic layer, 1 non-acoustic layer

Aestheticism and lightness :

  • Transparent, translucent or sandblasted films, printable - UV resistant - Less than 0.50 kg/m2

Ecologic :

  • 100% recyclable
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Low weight

Practicality and flexibility :

  • Quick and easy DIY installation
  • pas de risque de chute de la cloison
  • no risk of falling off the wall
  • Cleanable

Performances :

  • Waterproof film
  • Acoustic option available

Customizable MICROSORBER® fabrics are printable.
Whether you choose a transparent, translucent or sandblasted flm, in a standard waterproof version or in a micro-perforated acoustic version, you can mark your partitions with your logo or a landscape for example.

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